Doda suffers from misophonia

Doda, a Polish singer, decided to talk about her disease on InstaStories that effectively hinders her daily functioning. “I can’t cut it” she says. Moreover, the disorder worsens with age.

Doda shared a confession about her condition on Instagram. The singer shared an interview during which Aryna Abalenka, a Belarusian tennis player, asked the man sitting next to her not to click the pen, as it was extremely uncomfortable for her.

Then, Doda commented on the sportswoman’s rather unusual reaction with the words: “I understand this girl perfectly.”

The artist admitted that she suffers from the same disorder, called misophonia. It consists in exceptional hypersensitivity to certain sounds.

“I’ve been living with misophonia since I was a child, but it’s gotten worse for 10 years. Maybe from overstimulation at work on stage, in the recording studio or from stress in show business. I wouldn’t be able to handle the pen clicking mentally,” she told InstaStories.

It’s not just the sound of a pen clicking. Doda confessed that she was disturbed by various sounds such as tapping, clock ticking, humming, etc.

“Often when I go to the cinema with my friend Dżaga, when his knee hits the chair, I say that I will move to another row if he can’t stop his leg. I can’t take it anymore, some hum, air conditioners, repetitive sounds, clocks tick tick tick, fortunately, there are fewer and fewer of tchem. I had to take them out of every room I slept in, “she said.

The artist admits that her misophonia increases over the years and is very tiring.