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Module 4: Misophonia and School Inclusion

Module 4: Misophonia and School Inclusion

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the meaning and the importance of inclusion for all students no matter their disorder and disability.
  • Understanding the difference between integration and inclusion.
  • Knowing how important school is to guarantee inclusion.
  • Being aware of the teacher’s role to guide the educational community towards integration.
  • Being aware of misophonia at school.
  • Knowing how to include misophonic students.
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork with colleagues to overcome problems with misophonic students.
  • Realizing that misbehaviour can hide other problems.
  • Understanding that a classroom is not always a friendly environment for all students.
  • Knowing that bullying can be a consequence for students with disorders.
  • Understanding what to observe to identify a misophonic student.

To access the Misophonia@School E-Learning Course go to training.misophonia-school.eu.