When You Can’t Stand the Sound of Chewing (or Crunching, or Sniffling)

I’m a fairly calm person, but one thing that launches me into a fit of rage is the sound of my husband chewing. I can’t say whether his chewing differs in a demonstrable way from other people’s chewing, other than the fact that I’m subjected to it on a daily basis. But I do know that his chewing sounds are the only ones that make me want to pick up my chair and hurl it across the room.

When slurping is involved, too — I’m looking at you, ramen noodles — I become practically apoplectic. I often can’t help but make a comment: “O.M.G., can you chew more quietly?!” Then I typically walk away to escape the sound before I do something that might land me in prison.

Many people report that specific sounds — often, but not always, made by specific people — make them so angry they want to explode.