Carla works in the municipal administration where she is responsible for housing support for people who have not enough money to pay the rent. The recent inflation has nearly doubled the number of her clients. As compensation to her work, she practices violin twice per week in the evening. There she can relax from the stress in her work.

Recently, she read an article about misophonia. She was surprised to learn that what she had perceived as over-sensitivity, has a name and neurophysiological explanations. Now she understands better her allergy against certain noise. She hates breathing noises. Maybe not in general, but that of the colleague at the other desk in her work room who is her supervisor. Every time he sucks in the air and blows it out again seconds later, her goosebumps rise. When she considers that her colleague does this about 7,000 times during a working day, you can imagine how agonising it must be. Carla also hates eating noises. Having to listen to her colleagues chew and swallow makes her nervous. So by eating a packet of crisps or an apple, her supervisor drives her crazy.