I myself had my first experience with misophonia with the song “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega ( I couldn’t stand it, those D and T sounds, horrible!

After that I had an experience with my grandma where her D and T sounds annoyed me extremely. I covered my ears and she started crying because it hurt her. I felt an extreme, spontaneous anger inside me.

Currently I have it with my wife, whom I have been with for seven years. With her it occurred two or three years after our marriage that D and T sounds in words make me totally aggressive or her slurping sounds while drinking hot tea bother me.  I have flight thoughts, anger, get stroppy immediately. I don’t listen properly, scratch my head while listening so that the scratching sounds drown out these sounds. In addition, there appear other triggers, e.g. her clearing her throat, which she gets from her father. Very often she unconsciously hums a lot, often totally incoherent melodies or penetrating. Other triggers are the soft smacking because she opens her mouth before she coughs, or the way she bites on the cutlery when eating. When I hear a trigger, it takes me hours to get over it. When she talks to me and says the word “Ehrenfeld”, for example, I hear the D right at the end and it makes me totally angry inside, stirs me up. I can’t listen any more, I just want to leave, get out of here.