Recognize medical – scientific dignity to the problem of misophonia

«Today in Italy there are still too few people who know what misophonia really is and what daily ailments it entails for those affected by it. Spreading the knowledge of this pathology in a widespread manner, therefore, is the first step to make it recognized at a medical level and to guarantee real support for misophonics and their families ».

“The term” Misophonia “, coined in 2001 by US neuroscientists Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff, defines a neuro-behavioral syndrome characterized by heightened arousal of the autonomic nervous system and negative emotional reactivity, such as irritation, anger, anxiety, in response to a reduced tolerance to specific sounds. Misophonia, however, is not a hearing problem, but a disorder affecting the central nervous system, specifically the brain. The confirmation lies in the scientific objectivity according to which peripheral, kinetic stimuli, sounds straddling the threshold between awareness and unawareness also contribute to generating the intolerance of the misophonic. Neurological traits typical of minds with a more reactive central nervous system, capable of enormous intellectual achievements only if supported in the recognition and management of the disorder ».

A task that the Italian Misophonia Association, starting from 2018, continues to carry out with attention and constancy: “Although the scientific literature indicates that about 13% of the population shows misophonic symptoms, and therefore it is not a rare disorder, at least in Italy progress in the dissemination of knowledge and treatment are still few. Among these, however, there is certainly the work of continuous comparison that our association, together with the International Center for Psychology and Strategic Psychotherapy of Salerno, develops with the leading experts in the United States. Together we have created a team of psychotherapists who have proceeded to adapt the diagnostic tools and related treatment protocols in the Italian context. All proven by the positivity of the results obtained with the subjects who have already chosen to undergo the treatment courses “.