Unmasking Misophonia: An Invisible Challenge Dealing with the hatred of sounds.

Misophonia Test: Might You Have Misophonia?

  • I avoid leaving the house because I can’t stand certain noises.
  • I’m bothered by the sounds of people chewing.
  • When I sit next to my intimate partner, the sounds they make bother me – breathing, fidgeting, coughing.
  • When people snort or clear their throats, I become fixated on it and find it difficult to relax.
  • I hate seeing people repeat their movements. When they, for example, click a pen, tap their finger, or wiggle their legs.
  • When I am working, I’m bothered by the sound of a fan or a refrigerator.
  • Even natural sounds like barking, wind, leaves, and trees irritate me.
  • Living with someone is difficult because everyday noises irritate me, such as walking or typing on a computer.
  • I require a silent clock because I cannot be in the same room with a ticking clock.
  • I have the impression that no one understands my noise sensitivity and that they think I’m being dramatic.