Woman dreads Christmas Day dinner as rare condition sees her rage when her family eat

A woman with a rare condition that sees her fill with rage at the sound of eating has revealed she is dreading Christmas Day dinner – the only meal she eats with her family. Louise Lansbury, 32, has lived with misophonia – an extreme sensitivity to sound – throughout her life.

It has seen her confined to her bedroom over the years and although she struggles with lots of different noises, other people eating causes her particular difficulty. “I’ve always had very sensitive hearing, things always seemed louder to me than others around me,” Louise said.

“As I got older, I realised that certain sounds started to make me feel angry and in the last 10 years I have found this anger turns to rage. On discovering misophonia as a condition, I had no doubt that this is what I have been experiencing since a young age.

“I avoid eating with people at all costs, my rage builds up instantly, and if I don’t remove myself from the situation I could lash out. Simply put, when someone is eating (they don’t even have to be next to me) It’s like they are directly next to my ear at full volume.”